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About Me

Hi! I'm Jodie and this is the family that I do most of this cooking and baking for.  We live in Colorado right now and love it here. We all love good food too, although some are more picky than others.
I started cooking and baking at a young age and made lots of mistakes.  At the time I thought that I must not be very good because I was really good at ruining things.  But I kept doing it because I love it.  Now I realize that all those mistakes turned into experience and helped me to love being in the kitchen even more.
I love sharing the recipes that we love and especially tricks and tips that I have learned to help make your lives a bit more num-filled.  So look around and please feel free to tell me what you think!

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  1. Jodie, I made the pumpkin chocolate chip pecan pie muffins for breakfast. They were divine!! I wasn't sure how many the recipe made, but they just fit into my smallish (not mini) muffin tin with 15. Could have made them a bit bigger, but they were awesome. Thanks so much!